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Proxy's News - 2014
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22.12.14  China Marketing Channels lecture @ Haifa University
16.12.14  International Pricing Training @ IEICI
14.12.14  Proxy hosts Shanghai's YAFO Capital Managing Director
05.12.14  CI & BI training @ GIMI
01.12.14  International Marketing & Sales ROI training @ IEICI
23.11.14  International branding strategy mission to Uganda
19.11.14  Hosting strategic investors from China.
17.11.14  International KAM training at the Export Institute
04.11.14  New brochures added.
03.11.14  Proxy hosts Yafo Capital director from Shanghai.
31.10.14  Strategic Innovation lecture to China's Space Industries
30.10.14  Marketing Innovation lecture for Chinese officials @ GIMI
30.10.14  Culture of Innovation lecture for Chinese officials @ GIMI
17.10.14  Proxy consult on international marketing in Uganda.
06.10.14  Advanced marketing training planned at @ IEICI
30.09.14  Proxy cooperates with MATI Jerusalem.
12.09.14  Global Supply Chain lecture @ GIMI
11.09.14  Asia Business workshop planned @ Haifa Chamber
07.09.14  Branding for SME lecture @ GIMI
07.09.14  Distribution Channels lectures for SCM @ GIMI
04.09.14  International Marketing for SME lecture @ GIMI
18.08.14  Proxy will cooperate with EMT Global Ltd.
11.08.14  Proxy delivers an in-house international sales workshop.
27.07.14  New article (Heb) on marketing information management.
23.07.14  Proxy delivers an in-house international channel course.
20.07.14  Proxy & WikiSales cooperate on new sales workshop
18.07.14  Competitive & Business Intelligence Lecture @ GIMI
09.07.14  Competitive & Business Intelligence Lecture @ GIMI
13.06.14  Hosting MCA-CITIC technology delegation in Tiberias.
06.06.14  Proxy will cooperate with MCA-CITIC, China.
02.06.14  New Business in Asia conference & HCOCI, Haifa.
27.05.14  Proxy will cooperate with CBIMI, China.
25.05.14  Proxy's information specialist @ Galilee Conference Panel.
22.05.14  Chinese Internet Channels article @ IDI
20.05.14  Business Opportunities Lecture for MCA, China Delegation
19.05.14  Q&A at 以色列专家问答 Asking Israeli Experts.
04.05.14  Proxy will cooperate with Haifa Chamber of Commerce.
30.04.14  New International Sales Course @ ISMA
22.04.14  以色列专家问答 Asking Israeli Experts published.
15.04.14  Proxy will cooperate with KWF Berlin, Germany.
10.04.14  Proxy hosts, in Haifa, Mr. Peng from Israel Plan, China.
01.04.14  New Supply Chain Management Course @ GIMI
13.03.14  Marketing in China Presentation (Hebrew) @ IEICI
12.03.14  New article - Chinese Internet Channels (Hebrew)
11.03.14  Branding for SME training @ GIMI
10.03.14  New course - China Internet Marketing Channels
06.03.14  International Marketing for SME training @ GIMI
24.02.14  Chinese Internet Marketing Channels Lecture @ IEICI
15.02.14  New workshop - International Exhibition.
30.01.14  New workshop - Cultural Chameleon.
25.01.14  Chinese Internet Channels - Lecture @ IEICI in February
18.01.14  International Sales Course planned for March @ ISMA
15.01.14  Marketing for Technology Incubators workshop @ GIMI
12.01.14  Successful international sales workshop @ IEICI
10.01.14  New article about trust in international business

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