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Proxy's News - 2015
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16.12.15  'In-house' int. marketing workshop
08.12.15  Marketing Innovation & Creativity Lecture
03.12.15  Int. Business Relationships Lecture @ GIMI
02.12.15  CI & BI lectue & GIMI
01.12.15  Int. Sales & Marketing Planning @ IEICI
30.11.15  Culture of Innovation Lecture @ GIMI
23.11.15  'In-House' Sales & markeitng plan, Berlin
03.11.15  Int. Channel Motivation Training @ IEICI
24.10.15  Proxy hosts Chinese investors
20.10.15  Marketing Innovation Lecture @ GIMI
19.10.15  New leactures planned @ IEICI
19.10.15  Culture of Innovation Lecture @ GIMI
13.09.15  Happy Jewish New Year - 5776
03.09.15  Marketing Channels Lecture @ GIMI
28.08.15  International Marketing Training @ GIMI
28.08.15  Marketing Strategy Training @ GIMI
26.08.15  International SCM Lecture @ GIMI
28.08.15  'In-House' Marketing Planning Lecture
23.07.15  CI & BI training @ GIMI
20.06.15  New Channel Lectures planned at IEICI
15.06.15  African Branding design project completed
10.05.15  Jews Refugees in Shanghai exhibition
25.03.15  Investors visits to High-Tech companies
17.03.15  MCA Delegation from China Planned
16.03.15  Proxy hosts High-Tech Chinese Investors
16.03.15  Germany Market & Channel Training
08.03.15  Global Supply Chain Management training
08.03.15  Setting up a Business training & GIMI
04.03.15  International Marketing for Start Ups Lecture
01.03.15  Distribution Channels Lectures @ GIMI
01.03.15  Branding for SMEs Training @ GMI
26.02.15  International SME Marketing Training @ GIMI
18.02.15  新的一年, 向你献上最诚挚的祝福
15.02.15  Proxy to cooperate with SEGMEDIA & Yaniv Pirsum
06.02.15  New article published on Chinese exporting SMEs
06.02.15  MCA人物誌 第56期人物:Mr. Moti Blau
29.01.15  Moti Blau appears in a new book published in China
29.01.15  Moti Blau appointed as an MCA-CITIC advisor
26.01.15  Proxy joins a YAFO partnership delegation to China
11.01.15  New article:提升中国中小企业(SME)出口业绩的关键是什么?
01.01.15  Proxy will cooperate with Yellow Park from Berlin

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