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About Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd.
The mission of Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd. is to assist companies operating
in international markets in maximising their business potential.

Proxy deals with increasing effectiveness, and improving efficiencies of the
client's international marketing & sales processes. Proxy shares information,
knowledge, methods and professional tools with its clients, by supplying
training & consulting services. More about Proxy's services can be found here...

Proxy enables exporting organizations to expand international business
knowhow and improve their international practices, by developing and
marketing innovative training courses and e-learning solutions.

Proxy puts an emphasis on the provision of high quality solutions, enabled
through sincere adherence to Proxy's values: professionalism, innovativeness
and commitment. Professionalism means utilising relevant expertise,
knowledge, and experience. Innovativeness means using the most up-to-date
methods and tools from the fields of international marketing & sales
Commitment means striving to generate maximum value to the customer.

Proxy was founded in 1997 by Moti Blau, an entrepreneur and an international
marketer, together with a Dutch investment company. Since its foundation,
Proxy  has been involved in a large variety of international business
development and marketing projects, as well as in entrepreneurial ventures.
The company partners with experienced experts in the fields of international
business, marketing & sales, and has an extensive business network in various
parts of the world.

International Marketing Dillema 

International marketing processes
require taking many tough decisions.
Proxy marketing solutions may help
you in clearing out some of the
uncertainties. To learn more check
our services...
Competing only on price ?

When lowering the price is your last
resort, it means that something is
wrong with your differentiation from
the competitors. Improving your
marketing strategy could be worth a
lot of money to your company. To
learn how to formulate a new strategy
press here...
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