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Management - Moti Blau 鲍慕磾
The managing director & founder of Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd. An
entrepreneur and international marketer with over 25 years of international
business experience, within the technology industries.

Specializing in international marketing & sales management, has pioneered
numerous business development endeavours, forging revenue generating, multi-
cultural B2B relationships. During his career Moti identified international market
opportunities, formulated strategies, set up marketing channels, and introduced
successfully new products into both developed and developing countries around
Europe and Asia, wining customers over competitors.

Executed thousands of lectures and training hours on business & technical subject
matters, to top professionals from around the globe at numerous venues in Israel,
Europe and Asia. These activities included lecturing, practical training, as well as
the development of training programs and instruction aids. Among others, served as
a lead faculty in a special 'International Marketing of Technology' program organized
by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Since 2005 lecturing, on international
business & marketing, at the Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI).
Lectures also at the Israel Export & International Cooperaiton Institute (IEICI), as
well as at other venues. 

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction and BA (1st Class Honours)
in Business Management (Marketing), both from the University of Derby. In his
studies focused on marketing, business strategy and entrepreneurship, researching
the field of international marketing channels of High-Tech companies.

A Chartered Marketer and a member (MCIM) of the Chartered Institute of
Marketing, UK. Additional business, marketing & sales training from around the

Certified Instructor by the Institute of Trainer Qualification, Israeli Air Force,
where he completed successfully a three stages qualification program, as well as an
Advanced Instructor Training program from the Technion, Israel’s institute of
Technology. Holds a Practical Electronics Engineer (HND) degree with Distinction
from ORT College and undergone additional technological training in Electronics,
Information, Communications & Environmental Technologies.

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