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12.09.17  MBA International Marketing Innovation @ GIMI
10.09.17  MBA Entrepreneurial Marketing & Branding Strategies @ GIMI
01.09.17  New Advanced International Marketing & Sales sessions @ IEI
05.09.17  SME Marketing Innovation & Creativity @ GIMI
01.09.17  SME International Marketing & Trade @ GIMI
28.08.17  Culture of Innovation for China @ GIMI
28.08.17  Innovative Technologies & Products Marketing - China @ GIMI
09.08.17  Marketing in China Lecture @ MLA College
09.08.17  Conclusion of Marketing to China '6 Sessions In-House workshop'
09.08.17  In-House Doing Business in China Workshop
01.08.17  IICA announces Proxy will lead an International Program
28.07.17  BI-CI for Project Management @ GIMI
23.07.17  Updated 'Marketing into China' workshop released
18.07.17  Marketing Innovation for China @ GIMI
13.07.17  Culture of Innovation for China @ GIMI
15.06.17  International Sales Lecture @ SkyLimit
13.06.17  International Channel Management Workshop @ A2B
25.05.17  Partners meetup tour in Europe
22.05.17  Concluding In-House 4 sessions International Sales Workshop
18.04.17  New India SME Course Portfolio Published
08.04.17  Doing Business in Israel for Chinese Business People Webinar
06.03.17  International Pricing Session @ Export Institute
23.02.17  SME International Marketing Strategy Workshop @ GIMI
20.02.17  International Marketing & Sales ROI Session @ Export Institute
12.02.17  KAM Webinar with Export Institute
10.02.17  New Article about marketing ROI
06.02.17  International KAM Session @ Export Institute
01.02.17  New International Marketing ROI Article in Hebrew
26.01.17  Proxy wishes its Chinese friends a Happy New Year
16.01.17  New Article about International Sales by Proxy
06.12.16  BI-CI for Project Management @ GIMI
04.12.16  Marketing Creativity & Innovation for China @ GIMI
23.11.16  Meeting with business partners in Delhi India
21.10.16  Reached Gokyo-Ri peak at 5357m, Everest Region, Himalaya Nepal
27.10.16  IICA announced new International Marketing Workshop
01.10.16  Prox wishes all its friends a Happy Jewish New Year
19.09.16  Entrepreneurship Workshop @ GIMI
18.09.16  SME International Marketing @ GIMI
16.09.16  Innovation in International Marketing @ GIMI
15.09.16  Marketing Innovation & Creativity for China @ GIMI
09.09.16  SME Marketing Strategy @ GIMI
05.09.16  China Culture Of Innovation @ GIMI
22.07.16  Marketing Innovation & Creativity for China @ GIMI
15.07.16  China Marketing Channels Case Study @ Haifa University
01.07.16  Developing International Business Relationships @ GIMI
30.06.16  BI-CI for Project Management @ GIMI
31.05.16  Panel Expert @ Asia-Israel Business Forum, Haifa University
17.04.16  Proxy wishes Happy Passover to all if its friends
15.03.16  Proxy will cooperate with Bar-AM consulting
11.03.16  SME International Marketing & Trade @ GIMI
09.03.16  Business meetup @ Haifa SME Conference
01.02.16  Proxy wishes its Chinese friends a Happy New Year !
28.01.16  New 'International Commercial Agents' Workshop announced
22.01.16  China Marketing Innovation @ GIMI

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