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Below you may find links to leading organizations & associations in the fields of
marketing and sales:

ADETEM - L'association Nationale Du Marketing (France)
AFM - Association Francaise du Marketing (France)
AM - Academy of Marketing (UK)
AMA - American Marketing Association (US)
AMS - Academy of Marketing Science (US)
ASAP - Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals
BMA - Business Marketing Association
CIM - The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)
CMO Council
EIASM - European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management
EMAC - European Marketing Academy
EMC - European Marketing Confederation
Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce
Foreign Trade Administration @ Israeli Government
IMP - Industrial Marketing & Purchasing Group
ISMM - The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (UK)
Israeli Marketing Association
Magyar Marketing Szovetseg (Hungary)
Marketing Society (UK)
MRS - Market Research Society (UK)
NAW - National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors
SMEI - Sales & Marketing Executives International (US)
The Israeli Export & International Cooperation Institute

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