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International Marketing & Sales Consulting
Managing marketing & sales processes in an international environment is not
simple. Complexity, diversity, and uncertainty pose real challenges, when
trying to market products globally. Success in international markets may be
substantial, but requires many complex decisions, and cleaver use of limited

Many exporting organizations face the complexities of international marketing
& sales management, most of them not reaching the expected results.
Professional management in many cases is the differentiating factor between
failure and success.

Unsatisfactory sales, missing out on market opportunities, pressure on prices,
excessive marketing expenses, creating a lasting competitive advantage,
difficulties in recruiting distributors - are just few of marketing challenges
exporting companies face. 

Proxy offers professional consultancy services, targeted at assisting
organizations in improving their international marketing and sales processes.
These include (examples):

Marketing research & analysis: problem analysis, information sources, market
potential, segmentation, competition analysis, mapping channels,
opportunities identification, marketing audit.

Strategy & Planning: setting objectives, competitive strategies, market entry,
marketing mix & marketing operations planning, budgeting and forecasting.
Marketing & business plans.

Sales & Marketing Channels: channel analysis, strategy & planning, channel
structure and pricing, partner identification, channel set-up & negotiations.
Channel motivation, trust and conflict resolution. Channel performance
analysis. Channel manager development.

Sales Management: sales strategy, targets, quota & forecasting. Sales
processes analysis & optimization. Sales-marketing interfaces. Sales force
evaluation. Sales training.

Organizing: organizational structure, inter-departmental interfaces, marketing
orientation. Reporting & control systems. Job definition, recruiting, selection,
motivating, compensating and development of international marketing & sales

The benefits of Proxy’s consulting services can be expressed in various ways:
improved effectiveness and efficiencies of the international marketing and
sales processes, solving a specific business problem, seizing the opportunity or
improving overall organizational capabilities. Any of these may lead to an
enhanced personal and organizational performance.

For more about Proxy’s consulting services please contact us…

Please note that Proxy is not a trading company nor a sales agency, and does
not deal in any type of mediating activity.

Hard to recruit good distributors

The ability to convince a serious
distributor, from another country, to
market your products abroad is not
trivial. It is possible, that at this very
moment, your competitors are moving
ahead to recruit the best distributors
on the market. In order to check how
Proxy may assist you contact us
All you need are some good
contacts ? Really ?

Contacts are indeed important for
international marketing success, yet
developing relationships is something
different all together. In international
marketing the way to developed trust
based relationships is not as simple as
it seems, and having just a 'friendly
recommendation' is not enough . In
order to check how Proxy may assist
you in managing your relationships
with customers and partners around
the world, contact us…
Overloaded with marketing tasks
and loosing the overall picture?

Consulting in the field of international
marketing management can assist you
in balancing between daily tasks and
strategic thinking. In order to check
how Proxy may help you in getting the
marketing management process back
under control contact us today...
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