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Significant business performance in international markets is not easily
achieved. The complex business environment, frequent changes and ever-
increasing competition, pose complicated challanges for exporting companies.

Decrease of income, low profitability, difficulties in recruiting new customers,
lack of cooperation on behalf of distributors or inability to seize business
opportunities, are just some of the common examples cited by managers
dealing with international marketing & sales.

By supplying training and consulting services, Proxy's goal is to assist in
developing the organization’s international marketing & sales capabilities, as
well as in dealing with the specific business challenge at hand.

The benefits of Proxy’s training & consulting services are improved
effectiveness (achieving marketing & sales goals) and efficiencies (achieving
the goals at lower costs), thus leading to an enhanced personal and
organizational performance.

Proxy puts an emphasis on the provision of high quality solutions, enabled
through sincere adherence to Proxy's values: professionalism, innovativeness
and commitment.

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      Training Services                   Consulting Services

Distributors do not cooperate  ?

Distributors' cooperation is a key to
achieving improved sales results.
Motivating distributors in the
international markets requires
exercising professional management
techniques. In order to check how
Proxy may assist you in moving your
distributors forward check our
training services...
Feel that international
marketing eats the budget, but
results are still poor? 

Marketing planning, including clear
targets and measurement system, is
the key for efficient utilisation of the
marketing budget. Each Dollar needs
to be allocated to the right place and
lead to the expected outcome. In
order to check how Proxy may assist
you in planning and saving money
check our consutling  services...
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