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International Marketing & Sales Training
The most significant factor related to international success is the human
resource. The knowledge, capabilities, skills and experience possessed by those
involved in international marketing & sales are of crucial importance for the
company's performance, and are the key to creating a long-term competitive

Competing on the best human resources is perhaps the greatest challenge for
companies operating internationally. One of the most effective ways of dealing
with this challenge is training. Improving and expanding professional
knowledge, learning new practical methods, and acquiring advanced
professional tools will upgrade the capabilities of those working in international
marketing & sales, thus improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the
entire organization.

Proxy offer unique courses, workshops and lectures targeted at SMEs, MNCs
and other organizations, covering a variety of international business topics
within the following knowledge domains:

• International Marketing Management.
• International Channel & Sales Management.
• International Business Relationships Management.
• International Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Proxy utilises professional training methods, in order to achieve clear and
useful learning outcomes. Within its training content, Proxy integrates up-to-
date empiric models and research findings, real-life examples, case studies, as
well as from the ‘hands-on’ experience of the lecturers, headed by Moti Blau.

In addition Proxy is ready and willing to design and develop customized training
programs to fit specific customer needs and requirements.

Proxy will be happy to partner with companies from around the world in
delivering its training services. For cooperation opportunities please contact

For more details about our training services check our brochures section.

Tense relationships with your
distributors abroad ?

Relationships which are based on
trust, commitment, and cooperation
lead to improved performance in
international marketing channels.
Lack of trust leads to conflicts, most
of which can be easily avoided. In
order to check how Proxy may assist
you in improving your distributor
relationships press here...
Ready to venture into the
international markets ? Sure ?
Maybe ?

Premature market entry, without
proper preparation, may lead to poor
results or even to lost of critical
resources. Proxy is able to check, in
advance, your company's international
preparedness and to suggest ways to
improve. Interested in hearing more ?
Press here to contact us today.
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