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SME International Marketing & Sales Training
Proxy offers a variety of unique courses & workshops in the field of
international marketing and sales. These courses are targeted at Small and
Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that export (or planning to export) to international

Proxy’s courses & workshops are specifically designed to enable SME’s
managers to develop their international sales and marketing skills, providing
them with frameworks, techniques and tools to better deal with their practical
day to day international marketing and sales challenges.

What makes Proxy’s programs unique is the fact that each course or workshop
is centred around a specific international business dilemma or domain, taking
the SME’s managers’ point of view, as they face challenges in their on-going
activity. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on cross-cultural dimensions
effecting marketing & sales processes.

Some International marketing & sales topic examples:
· How to identify market opportunities?
· How to recruit the best distributors?
· How to develop strong business relationships?
· How to win against competitors?
· Hot to improve the sales process ?

For detailed information about our courses and workshops feel free to download
any of our brochures at the right side of the page.

Proxy’s SME courses and workshops are delivered via local partners. For
receiving further information about our training services or partnering
opportunities please contact us.

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Enormous market potential?
Then why is it so difficult to

An old (~2nd century) Hebrew proverb
states that when one tries to do too
much - one might end up with too
little. This is a key issue in
international marketing. A focused
marketing strategy is a must for small
& medium enterprises that are trying
to market their products
internationally, but have very limited
budget. In order to check how Proxy
may focus your international
marketing efforts, press here...
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