Our Services

We offer a range of international marketing & sales consulting, training & e-learning services to our customers including:

Improving international sales performance. From analysis, strategy & planning to channels & sales team development. For international sales executives & leaders.
Improving international marketing ROI. Audit, analysis, strategy & planning. Channel marketing & team development. For international marketing executives, business leaders & entrepreneurs.
Taking better international marketing & sales decisions. Marketing audit, market & industry information, analysis, potential, opportunities & threats. For business leaders & entreprenuers.

Developing competitive advantage. Setting objectives & formulating international strategies. Country selection, GTM, marketing & sales planning. For international business leaders & entrepreneurs.


Improving international channel performance. Design, setup, motivation & growth. Partner identification, recruitment & commitment. For international sales & marketing executives and leaders.


Organizing international sales & marketing. Structure, job definition, selection, on-boarding, motivation & compensation. For business leaders & entrepreneurs.


Improving decision making for better results and risk mitigation. Consulting & mentoring business leaders & entrepreneurs on a range of international sales & marketing challenges.


Expanding knowhow, capabilities & skills. Lectures, courses & workshops on practical international sales & marketing issues. For international business executives, leaders & entrepreneurs.


Professional knowhow & skills on the go. Developing & delivering practical international sales & marketing e-learning content. For international business executives, leaders & entrepreneurs.

Our Values


Utilizing relevant expertise, founded knowledge & practical experience. We get the job done. On time.


Applying new strategies & tactics. The most up-to-date marketing & sales methods & tools.


Creating maximum value for our customers. We look through our customers' eyes.

About Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd.


Significant business performance in international markets is not easily achieved. Complex business environment, frequent changes, and ever-increasing competition, pose significant challenges for exporting companies, especially SMEs.

Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd. is a consulting, training & e-learning company focusing on the domains of international sales & marketing, in the context of the technology & innovation industries.

Our mission is to assist exporting SMEs in maximizing their business potential. We deal with increasing the effectiveness & improving the efficiencies of our client's international marketing & sales processes. We support critical business decisions, reduce uncertainty & risks, and develop the clients' international capabilities. This is achieved by sharing information, knowledge, methods, and professional tools.

Since 1997, Proxy has trained thousands of executives and professionals, from across the globe, and supported over 100 exporters in reaching over 100 target countries.

International sales performance not up to your expectation?

Analyzing root causes and suggesting ways to improve are examples of what we do.

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