The Challenge

Many exporting companies, especially Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), find that entering a foreign market, and expanding their international business is complex and very challenging. This is truer for innovative companies offering new products to new markets.

Complex and highly competitive international environment, limited resources, limited international experience & know-how and time pressure are key inhibitors to reaching business potential abroad. Managers are faced with tough decisions, as significant revenues from foreign markets, while maintaining budget, are not easily achieved.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist exporting SMEs in maximizing their business potential. We deal with increasing the effectiveness & improving the efficiencies of our client's international sales & marketing processes.

Our services support critical business decisions, reduce uncertainty & risks, prevent mistakes, save time & unnecessary expenses, as well as develop our clients' international capabilities for continued improvements and growth.

Our Methods

We achieve our mission by sharing information, knowledge, methods, and professional tools. We do that by supplying targeted consulting and training services focused on key international sales & marketing dilemmas.

We put emphasis on the provision of high-quality solutions, enabled through sincere adherence to Proxy's values: professionalism, innovativeness, and commitment. Professionalism means utilizing relevant expertise, knowledge, and experience. Innovativeness means using the most up-to-date methods and tools from the fields of international marketing & sales. Commitment means striving to generate maximum value to our clients.

We directly service our customers, as well as partner with local and international consulting and training organizations, for the benefits of their own customers, when specialized expertise, relevant to our domains, are needed.

We partner with experienced experts in the fields of international business, entrepreneurship, marketing & sales, and have an extensive business network in various parts of the world.

Our Customers

Our customers include innovative exporting SMEs from a range of technological (High-Tech) industries and sectors, including ICT (information & communications technologies), Clean-Tech / Green-Tech (water technologies), Food-Tech, Agri-Tech, Security-Tech and other cross-sector technologies, products, and services.

We support executives, managers, and professionals from a range of international positions including business owners and entrepreneurs, CEOs, CMOs, CROs, VPs, directors and managers of international sales, marketing, marcom, business development and of various support activities.

International sales performance not up to your expectation?

Analyzing root causes and suggesting ways to improve are examples of what we do.

Our Team

Moti Blau Picture


Managing Director

Over 30 years of international business experience. Specializing in international sales & marketing management. MBA, CMktr, MCIM, BA (Mgmt), Cert. Inst., HND

Vered Kastro Picture


Information Specialist

Over 20 years of experience in search & organization of international marketing sources & information. Specializing in information quality. BA (IS), Cert. IS.

Itzik Shalom


Business Advisor

Over 30 years of international business experience. Specializing in Finance, Supply Chain Management & Business Improvement. MBA, BA (Econ).

Memi Genosar


Business Advisor

Over 30 years of experience in international markets. Specializes in strategy, business development & entrepreneurship.  MBA, BSc.

Our History

Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Moti Blau, an entrepreneur & international marketer, backed up by a Dutch investment company. Since its foundation, Proxy has been involved in a large variety of international sales and marketing projects, business development efforts, as well as in numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

We have consulted, mentored, lectured, and trained thousands of executives & professionals, from hundreds of companies, covering more than 100 countries across the world.

Contact Us

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