Accessibility Statement

Proxy Marketing Solutions Ltd. aims to make its services as accessible as possible so that they are available and accessible to every person, including people with disabilities. That is why we make a continuous effort to make our website and the information in it accessible, so that it is available, friendly, and easy to use for people with special needs.

Proxy's website complies with the SI standard 5568 and the W3C WCAG2.0 web accessibility standard at level AA, supporting the common web browsers. To this end, we carried out a monitoring activity using several tools, and every person involved in our website is aware of accessibility importance.

Among other things, an accessibility plugin was installed that allows adjustments according to the surfer's needs. Our website can be easily navigated using a menu as well as using the keyboard. Landmarks are used to identify the different page sections and content is divided by headings organized in a clear hierarchy. In addition, high contrast and clear fonts are used, each text and each heading have an HTML tag and for each element and image there is an alternative text. Our web site is responsive and adapts itself to different screen sizes (for mobile) and the user can also change the display size without any limitation. The site also supports screen reader software.

As our office do not provide regular audience reception, therefore, whenever necessary, we meet those interested, or our clients, by digital and virtual means that enable full accessibility.

Alternatively, we meet physically in fully accessible locations. All this to make our services, and the information about them, fully accessible.

If you have encountered any accessibility problem on our website, we will be happy to receive your comments, suggestions for improvement and requests, by contacting the company's accessibility coordinator: Moti Blau at or by phone at 972-4-8717194.