The Challenge

Significant business performance in international markets is not easily achieved. Complex business environment, uncertainty, frequent changes, and ever-increasing competition, pose significant challenges for exporting companies. Many exporters, especially SMEs, have limited resources, and lack the specific experience required to achieve their international objectives.

Unsatisfactory or decrease of revenues, low profitability, difficulties in recruiting customers or keeping existing ones, lack of cooperation from distributors or inability to seize business opportunities, pressure on prices or excessive expenses - are just few examples cited by managers dealing with international marketing & sales.

Success in international markets may be substantial, but requires many complex decisions, and clever use of limited resources. Managing international sales & marketing processes, effectively and efficiently, is far from being simple. Professional management in many cases is the differentiating factor between failure and success.

Our Services Offer

We offer a wide range of targeted consulting & training services to assist exporters in solving their international sales & marketing challenges or dilemmas, helping them in achieving their international objectives, and maximizing their business potential.

We deal with increasing the effectiveness (achieving sales & marketing targets) and improving the efficiencies (achieving targets at lower costs) of our client's international sales & marketing processes.

Our services support critical business decisions, reduce uncertainty & risks, prevent mistakes, save time & unnecessary expenses, as well as develop our clients' international business capabilities for continued improvements and growth.

We put an emphasis on the provision of high-quality solutions, enabled through sincere adherence to Proxy's values: professionalism, innovativeness, and commitment.

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