The Challenge

The most significant factor related to international business success is the human resource.

The specific knowledge, capabilities, skills, and experiences possessed by those involved in international marketing & sales are of crucial importance for the company's performance in foreign markets. They are the key to creating a long-term sustainability, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Many small and medium-sized exporters are challenged by lack of, and difficulty to attract, highly experienced international sales & marketing personnel.

One of the most effective ways of dealing with this challenge is by training the existing personnel, across the organization developing their international business capabilities.

Improving and expanding professional knowledge, learning new practical skills & methods, and acquiring advanced professional tools will upgrade the capabilities and performance of those engaged directly or indirectly with international marketing & sales.

Our Training Offer

We provide a range of training courses, workshops, and lectures, covering a variety of international sales & marketing and related topics. These are delivered in different lengths and formats - in-house or open courses, in-person or remotely, standard or tailored, stand-alone or as part of a longer program, conference or business events.

We deliver our training directly to business enterprises personnel, as well as via partner organizations such as training institutes, business associations, accelerators, consulting firms, government agencies etc.

Our training is relevant to almost every employee, manager, top executive, business owner or entrepreneur, who are engaged, directly or indirectly, with international customers and markets, and have interest to widen their international knowhow and skills.

We utilize professional training methods, to achieve clear, practical, and usable learning outcomes. We aim that our training participants will achieve an effective, enjoyable, and memorable learning experience.

Within our training content, we integrate up-to-date empiric models and research findings, real-life examples, case studies, as well as from the ‘hands-on’ experience of the lecturers, headed by Moti Blau as lead lecturer.

Our Training & Workshops

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