The Challenge

The most significant factor related to international business success is the human resource.

The specific knowledge, capabilities, skills, and experiences possessed by those involved in international marketing & sales are of crucial importance for the company's performance in foreign markets. They are the key to creating a long-term sustainability, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Additionally, most international sales and marketing personnel operate in a very dynamic environment, always on the move and time is of an essence. Skills and knowledge required are ever expanding.

Therefore e-learning is by far the most cost-effective way to develop critical skills wherever possible, and whenever needed.

Our E-Learning Offer

We are currently developing a set of e-leaning modules tailored to the practical needs of those involved in international sales and marketing. These modules will be published later this year. Additional content and methods information will be published here on this page.

E-learning has many benefits for those engaged in international business including flexibility, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, interactivity and more. Managers with tight agenda, world traveling, need to learn on their own pace, when possible and when needed, from where they are, reducing the in-person overhead training time & expenses.

Additionally, we are providing international sales & marketing e-learning consulting and design services. These assist exporters develop their internal and external training programs (i.e. training for channel partners).

Our E-Learning Modules & Services

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